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Once you order 3 subscriptions, you will reach the next Reward Stage.
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Once your account is 3.3 Months old, you will reach the next Reward Stage.
After you make an order with us you will automatically gain reward points. Reward points go straight into your account balance and be used to pay for anything on Stresser.AI.
The more orders you make, and the longer your account is with us, the more discounts you get over time.
Rewards Table

These are the rewards and different stages you can reach, the longer you have an account and buy orders at Stresser.AI, the more your rewards will increase!

Stage Subscriptions Member Time Rewards Max Per Order
STAGE 1 0 0.0 Secs 4.00% €15.00
STAGE 2 3 3.3 Months 7.00% €20.00

Example: STAGE 2 will give you 7.00% rewards back for each order (with a maximum of €20.00 rewards given per order). It requires you have 3 or more subscriptions ordered, and your account is at least 3.3 Months old.